Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai

Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai

The Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai is typically operated in the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Marina. The Dubai Creek is the older part of Dubai and the cruise sails past Deira and Bur Dubai, while the Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city that is spread across 2 miles and is dominated by popular landmarks and skyscrapers of Dubai. As soon as you enter the cruise you will be served coffee, dates, and other snacks. You can choose the cruise package that includes pick up and drop off at your hotel. When you are seated at your table comfortably, you can enjoy the stunning skyline of the city of Dubai from inside the glass deck kept cool by the refrigerator. Once you have had your dinner, you can go out on the dock and take in the fresh air while looking over the Dubai skyscrapers from the water. You will find a high-standard three-course meal with international cuisine served in a buffet. While you enjoy your dinner, to keep you entertained the local artists will perform various acts like belly dance, tanoura, magic show, and even puppet shows. The Dhow dinner cruise in Dubai Marina is one of the most exciting ways of seeing the beautiful sights of the Dubai skyline and must be experienced by everyone visiting Dubai.

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Which Dhow Cruise Dinner Experience To Choose From?

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

Dhow dinner cruise Dubai is one of the most popular and best things to do in Dubai. This is a 2 hours trip on a cruise where you set sail in the artificial canal city of Dubai and sail past Yacht Club and Marina Towers. While you take in the breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline from the alluring waters, enjoy a beautiful spread of dinner which will not only meet all your cravings but ensure you can have a taste of Dubai’s culture. To keep you entertained while you finish your dinner local artists perform the famous Tanura and belly dance.

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Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

In Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina ,you set sail on the artificial canal city of Dubai and ride along the coast for about 2 hours. You will be awed by the beauty of the Dubai skyline as the buildings sparkle from the distance and you watch them from the alluring waters. You can also enjoy 5-star Cruise Dubai Marina in Dhow Cruise Dubai. If you are looking for a romantic escapade with your partner, the dhow dinner cruise in Marina Dubai is one of the best options as you get to taste a wide range of delicacies with your partner with a romantic background and set up.

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Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

In Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek, you set sail at the classy Dubai Creek and witness the old Dubai as you sail past the Deira and Bur Dubai. Choose the best dhow Dubai cruise creek package and enjoy a sumptuous and mouth-watering dinner on the deck with stunning ambiance while overlooking the spectacular night views of the city from the pristine waters of the Dubai Creek and discover Dubai’s rich culture and history.. The Dubai Creek is one of the most important parts of Dubai’s history, and when you are sailing past the Deira and Bur Dubai you will experience the culture of Dubai on board.

Canal Dinner Cruise

How would you like to set sail in a traditional luxury boat while taking in the stunning views of the beautiful skyline of the city of Dubai? The canal dinner cruise is a two hour long sailing experience in a luxurious boat where you will enjoy a 5-star dinner in a rustic Arabian ambiance on the ship in full royal style. What adds to the charm of this experience is the view you get from the waters of the Dubai skyscrapers as they twinkle away in the beautiful night

Alexander Dhow Cruise

Alexandra Dhow Cruise is an authentic Arabian Boat and you will get to live a night straight out of the Arabian Nights. This dhow dinner cruise in Marina Dubai has won many awards for the services it provides along with the ambiance and the experience. Get a taste of authentic Arabian food along with other cuisines spread out of the deck beautifully. After a long hot day in Dubai, feel the cool breeze on your cheeks as you sail on the pristine waters and take in the view of Dubai’s most stunning buildings twinkling at night.

Dubai City Tour, Evening Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise

Get ready to explore Dubai in the most unique and interesting ways as you get to visit various places in Dubai in this combo deal. Tour around the city and see the important landmarks of Dubai like the famous Burj Al Arab, the stunning Jumeirah Mosque, and most importantly, the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Also, go on a desert safari which is one of the most thrilling activities to do in Dubai and have a delectable barbeque dinner and get to the local traditions of the UAE. Finally, after exploring Dubai in the scorching heat, get aboard a cruise ship for authentic Arabian dinner and feel the cool breeze as you sail on the alluring waters. You can take in the view of Dubai from the water as the buildings you saw in the morning light up and twinkle with the night sky as the backdrop.

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Dubai City Tour + Dhow Dinner Cruise in Creek Combo

This is one of the best dhow cruise Dubai Creek packages as you get to explore Dubai in the day at night but in completely different styles. In the morning, go sight-seeing in various famous landmarks of the city of Dubai like the famous Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah beach and Jumeirah Mosque, and the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. At night, get aboard the stunning cruise with a beautiful ambiance serving authentic Arabian cuisine along with other modern and contemporary cuisines. Witness the beauty of Dubai and its skyscrapers as they light up at night and look stunning with the backdrop of the night sky.

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Dubai City Tour + Dhow Dinner Cruise in Marina Combo

Marina Dubai is a man made canal city that is spread across 2 miles and is famous for Dhow dinner cruises. You will get to witness the modern buildings and skyscrapers of Dubai from the beautiful waters when they are sparkling at night. During the day, you will be taken to explore the city of Dubai and witness its beauty up close. Visit the most famous places like the Burj Khalifa, for which people come from all around the world. You can go to the best beach in Dubai, the Jumeirah beach and have a great time getting your hair salty, after which you can go to the Jumeirah Mosque and the famous Burj Al Arab.

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Burj Khalifa + Desert Safari + Dubai City Tour + Dhow Dinner Cruise

Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly the most important landmark of Dubai and people from various parts of the world visit Dubai to witness the beauty of and from Burj Khalifa. You can go up to the top floor and get a stunning view of the entire Dubai and click pictures. Desert Safari, if not more, is as famous as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and it is one of the most thrilling experiences you will ever experience. And after the thrilling ride around the sand dunes of the desert, witness the sunset and have a delectable barbeque. During the day, you will be taken for sightseeing in Dubai and at night, the most awaited cruise dinner while looking at Dubail from a different perspective and from the water.

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Why Go for Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai?

Going on the Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai will make you look at Dubai from a different perspective and you will fall in love with the beauty of the city without a doubt. You can go for a dhow cruise in Dubai at two places, the Dubai Creek and the Marina Dubai. Dubai Creek holds a lot of significance in the history of Dubai and you will be sailing past Deira and Bur Dubai, the places that have a rich history. Marina Dubai is a part of the new Dubai and is an artificial canal city, and the dhow cruise dinner in Marina Dubai is the most loved attraction in Dubai. You will be served coffee, snacks, dates, etc as soon as you get aboard and will be given special treatment to make your trip even better. The dinner served will be a buffet of different cuisine including authentic Arabic. While you have dinner, local performers will show their acts of belly dancing, magic show, puppet show, etc. From the pristine waters, while feeling the cool breeze on your cheeks, you will witness the beauty of Dubai at night as the city line is awake and sparkling.

Where To Enjoy Dhow Cruise Dinner Experience?

Dubai Creek

Get aboard this cruise that will give you all the vibes of the Arabian Nights as the boat is made of Arabian wood and is decorated based on the Arabian theme. After a hot tiring day in Dubai, get aboard this cruise in the evening and enjoy the cool breeze as you sail past the Deira and Bur Dubai and take in the beauty that these historically significant places behold. Get served a royal style 5-star Arabian dinner and witness the beauty of Dubai at night from the alluring waters. Please take note that alcohol is neither served nor allowed on this cruise.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a part of newly built Dubai and is a manmade city of canals, where cruising is the most common activity. It is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Dubai and if you are planning to ride on the marina cruise, prepare yourself for getting awestruck by the beauty that you will witness from the waters. You will come across the architectural marvels of Dubai like the Burj Khalifa, Palm islands, Atlantis Hotels, JBR, etc. from the water. During the day the clear blue water will take your breath away and at night the stunning view of the skyscrapers lighting up will.

Dubai Water Canal

Cruising along the canals of Dubai you will surely forget about the stress in your life as the beauty will have you mesmerized. Witnessing the colorful lights from the cruise that light up the city of Dubai while having a delicious dinner will undoubtedly be the best experience for you. Catch a glance of the Burj Khalifa, Festival City, JBR, and various other significant landmarks of the city.

Choose Your Best Dhow Cruise Dubai Options

Sightseeing vs. Dinner

The cruises that sail on the Marina Dubai, start from the Marina Promenade that is located in the Dubai Promenade. The cruises that sail around the Dubai Creek always start from Baniyas Road which is located at the Dubai Creek. For the cruises that sail at the Dubai canal, they can start from any point and depend on your ticket booking. It is to be noted that the locations from where the cruises will start might change and you should check your tickets for location.

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Before making a booking for the cruise ship please take into consideration the various factors like sightseeing and dinner. If you are looking for a standard cruise at the Marina Dubai, Dubai Creek, or the Dubai Canal, then you will be taken for watching the landmarks around you like the Atlantis hotel at the Dubai Marina. But if you want to witness other important landmarks of Dubai then you must choose your cruise specifically according to your preference. If you wish to make your ride even more memorable, then book a cruise that serves delicious food as food is an important part of the trip. The best part of the trip will be the dinner spread that has a variety of cuisines like authentic Arabian cuisine and other contemporary cuisines in buffet style. The standard cruises at these places do not include dinner packages, so it is important to book a package that has dinner included. Riding on the cruises around the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and also the Dubai Canals will be one of the most memorable and fun experiences of your life.

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Know Before You Go For Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Experience

Dubai Marina
Dubai Water Canal
Dubai Creek

Timings: 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Boarding Points: Deira, Bur Dubai, Sheik Zayed, Marina


  • 90 minutes Cruising in Dubai Marina, Yacht Club, Marina Towers.
  • International 4-Star buffet with Veg & Non-Veg dishes.
  • Welcome drinks, Water, Tea & Coffee
  • Soft Background Music
  • Live Music and Traditional performances,
  • Welcome refreshments, dates and coffee
  • Full 3 course international buffet dinner
  • Both Vegetarian and Non -Vegetarian dishes
  • Mineral water and soft drinks

Timings: 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Boarding Points: Sahara Center Mall, Bur Dubai, City Center Deira

*Inclusions: *- Welcome refreshments- Buffet dinner- Mineral water/soft drinks- Live entertainment

Timings: 08:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Boarding Points: Centrally located in Dubai city


  • 90 minutes cruising near to Bur Dubai and Deira creek area
  • Access to fully air-conditioned lower deck and open-air upper deck
  • Separate Washroom facilities for men and women
  • Tanura show and soft background music
  • Welcome drinks, water, tea & coffee
  • International buffet dinner with a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes

Tips And Regulations About Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

  • According to UAE regulation, there will be no belly dance, music, or alcohol during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Because pick-up services are only available from hotels, not apartments, plan your trip accordingly.
  • For dinner cruises, it is advisable to dress casually. Because the setting is mostly informal, smart casual attire should suffice.
  • Dubai, like most megacities, comes alive when the lights are turned on and the buildings along the Creek are so bright that they nearly look like sunshine, turning night into day. This is a one-of-a-kind impact that you should not overlook.
  • The Dubai Marina, in comparison to the Creek, boasts greater vistas, according to most tourists. Dubai Creek cruises, on the other hand, are far less expensive than Dubai cruises.
  • In most cases, cruise ships carry a set number of guests. If you're traveling with a large party, double-check the number of persons allowed on Dhow cruises before making a reservation.
  • The cuisine on a dinner cruise is often Middle Eastern or Arabic, but make sure you try everything because the recipes differ between operators.

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FAQs Of Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai

What is the best attire to wear during a Dinner Cruise in Dubai?

When dining on a dhow cruise, you are not expected to adhere to any stringent dress code. However, because it is a public location, you must remain humble. You can put on semi formal attire to be on the safer side and should make sure that your arms, legs, and cleavage are hidden. It is a matter of fact that some restaurants may impose a particular dress code.

What does a Dhow cruise in Dubai basically stand for?

A historical fishing vessel that has been converted into a restaurant is used for a dhow cruise. In the past, transportation was provided by Arabic dhow vessels. Even though the wooden dhow boats, which typically have an upper and lower deck, resemble sophisticated fine dining establishments, they have an old world charm and represent traditional Bedouin culture. You can enjoy a fantastic dinner with both Arabic and foreign cuisine while sailing around the coast of the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina. Aside from soulful music, you'll get to observe an expert execute the wonderful Tanura dance. A dhow cruise is a fantastic opportunity to unwind as well as learn about and experience new things.

Which Dhow Cruise provides the best experience: Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek?

Both Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek offer unique experiences to the tourists on a Dhow Cruise. You can board any of them to capture the stunning night time views of the Dubai city as well as dining out in some of the best restaurants and enjoy traditional performances as well. The Dubai Creek is associated with old Dubai, a location where Arabs settled after relocating to the city from desert villages. Dubai Marina, on the other hand, is a newer established setting on both sides of the canal, there are high rises and magnificent specimens of modern architecture. It is home to some of the world's most opulent hotels, as well as distinctive cafes and restaurants and charming boutiques.

Why to select Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek over Dubai Marina?

The best dhow dinner cruise Dubai is very much famous for its food offering and its ambience as well. You will surely come across something to add to the charm of the cruise to take you on a beautiful experience and give you an exciting night through the pristine water body.

Which deck to choose from Upper or Lower one?

The best dhow cruise Dubai creek has two decks - upper and lower. The upper deck has an open air ambience that lets you enjoy natural scenes however, the lower deck is covered with glass sheets. If you wish to enjoy a calming ambience then you can choose the upper deck and if you wish to spend time in a formal setting then you can choose the lower one.


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