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About Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Alexandra Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is a brilliant way to spend a couple of hours while admiring the lavish Dubai Marina neighbourhood and waterway from a classic Arabic hardwood dhow. The "Alexandra" is a 120 foot beautiful Traditional dhow which has been transformed into a high end floating diner. The Alexandra Dhow Cruise provides two hours of breathtaking vistas, scrumptious food, and spectacular shows. During your trip, you'll be able to see Ain Dubai, Cayan Towers, and Dubai Marina, all of which will enhance your overall experience. The glistening lights from the coastline will enchant you and leave you with an unforgettable memory. The extensive menu includes wonderful dishes from a variety of cuisines that will have you licking your fingers as you try them. And the stunning performance will have you tapping your feet with the rhythm. With so much to offer, Alexandra Dhow Cruise is definitely one of the activities to not miss out on while in Dubai. The entire vibe is electrifying and you are guaranteed to have a great time onboard, irrespective of the company. Enjoy the real pleasures of life with Alexandra Dhow Cruise and get onboard today!

Get Best Deals on Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

The Alexandra Dhow Cruise trip offers you 2 hours of unforgettable views, delectable meals and splendid live performances.It is one of the best Dhow Cruise In Dubai Get the most amazing views of Dubai’s gorgeous landscape and spot the Ain Dubai and the Cayan Towers in the distance. Enjoy live performances by professional dancers and make your night memorable. Book your tickets online with us and enjoy great discounts and offers on your ticket. You can choose from two options of alexandra dhow cruise dubai marina ticket, The Alexandra Dhow Cruise and the Alexandra Dhow Cruise with Transfer. In the first option, you will be getting all the basic amenities like meals, activities and sightseeing. However, with the latter, you will be able to avail free transfer, i.e., free pick up and drop off at the hotel alongwith the basic amenities.

Why You Should Book Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Tickets?

If you are visiting Dubai, you simply cannot miss out on the Alexandra Dhow Cruise. Whether you are with your family, or on your luxurious honeymoon, you will find this cruise the most enticing of all. The cruise attracts the tourists and locals alike, because no matter how many times you go on the cruise, you will never get enough of it. The delectable cuisine served by 5 star chefs will delight your taste buds and water your mouth. What better way to enhance this experience than sipping a glass of wine and looking out to the dazzling landscape of the gorgeous Dubai Marina? Sit on the upper deck and enjoy the live performances by professional dancers and tap your feet with the rhythm of the music. All these aspects of the Alexandra Show Cruise makes it unforgettable.

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Experiences in Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Witnessing Famous Landmarks

The alexandra dhow cruise Dubai marina is going to mesmerize you with the beautiful views of the Dubai landscape. Ain Dubai, Cayenne Towers and Dubai Marina can all be easily spotted during your cruise, taking your experience of the cruise up a notch. The sparkling lights from the shore will completely dazzle you and will leave an imprint on your mind. Take spectacular photos up on the Upper Deck with the beautiful dazzling lights and adorn your Instagram feed.

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Dinner Delight

Alexandra Dhow Cruise’s crew include top class chefs from all across the world. The expansive menu features delectable items from different cuisines, making you lick your fingers as you taste them. 5 distinct appetizers, seven main courses, seafood soup, and desserts are included in the sumptuous supper on this magnificent Dubai Marina dinner cruise. The delicious aroma will enchant you and make sure that this would be the best meal served in your entire Dubai trip.

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Enjoy live performances by professional dancers and performers while you have your dinner on the alexandra dhow cruise dubai marina. Get to witness the Tanura dance, an Egyptian traditional dance in which a male dancer performs. In the show offered by Alexandra Dhow Cruise, this beautiful dance would be performed by Wael, a gifted lad. It is a Sufi tradition that has evolved into one of Dubai's most popular tourist attractions. It revolves around a guy who spins endlessly, generating a variety of designs with his flowing and dazzling colour robes.

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Know Before You Book Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Tickets

Other Essentials
  • If you have children under the age of 4 years, they can get onboard for free.
  • The tour will not be rescheduled in any case, hence make sure you reach the starting point on time to enjoy the entire trip hassle free.
  • The entire process of table booking in alexandra dhow cruise dubai marina is first come first serve, hence make sure to arrive early if you have any particular seats in mind.
  • The upper deck is in more demand, hence booking is subject to availability.
  • Cancellation prior to 24 hours will be subjected to full refund, however transfer charges are going to be applied.
  • Cancellation post 24 hours or absence will be fully charged.
  • In case of cancellation due to unforeseen weather conditions, the tour will either be rescheduled, or be fully refunded.

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  • The Upper deck is more favorable in the alexandra dhow cruise dubai instead of the Lower deck, as it features incredible views of the Dubai Landscape. However, you need to arrive quickly in order to ensure good seats, even in the Upper Deck. As the seats are booked on a first come first serve basis, make sure to arrive a bit earlier than usual.
  • In case you need to cancel your tickets, make sure to cancel 24 hours prior to the scheduled date, as post 24 hours, the tickets are 100% non refundable.
  • If you need alcohol, you will need to pay extra. So, please make sure to carry extra money with you when you go onboard.

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1.) Timings:

  • DINNER CRUISE(Daily Basis):20.15 – 20.55: BOARDING TIME21.00 – DEPARTURE22.45 – RETURN
  • SUNSET CRUISE(Mon, Wed, Sat):16.30 – 17.00: BOARDING TIME17.00 – DEPARTURE18.30 – RETURN

2.) Locations: Dubai Marina Yacht Club, West Bay, Berth A11, Dubai Marine

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FAQs Related To Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

What is the cost of Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai tickets ?

The Cost of Alexandra Cruise Ticket is AED 175.

What are the attractions to see while on Dubai Marina Alexandra Cruise?

Dubai Marina - Dubai Marina is a man made canal city and one of the United Arab Emirates' most popular tourist destinations. This is just one of the many lavish locations in the UAE. Because you'll be travelling through the Dubai Marina on the alexandra dhow cruise dubai, you'll be able to notice it rather clearly.

Cayenne Tower - Cayenne Tower, previously called the Infinity Tower, is a spiral building that has been renamed to honour its singularity. You will be able to spot this beauty quite easily due to its unique architecture and design.

Dubai Eye - This magnificent 167 meter skyscraper is a prominent scene in the Dubai skyline. It is pretty distinct from everything else, hence you will be able to see this attraction and be awestruck by its height and beauty.

Do Alexandra Cruise Serve Alcohol Onboard?

Yes, Alexandra Cruise serves alcohol onboard to its passengers. However, you will have to pay extra for the alcohol as these are not included in the alexandra dhow cruise dubai marina ticket.

Which Deck Space gives the best experience Upper or Lower Deck?

The Upper Deck of the alexandra dhow cruise in dubai marina gives the best experience as you will be kissed by the slow breeze of the sea. Also, you would enjoy the unobstructed, open-air sightseeing of many attractions in the Dubai landscape.

Which is considered to be the most luxurious Marina in the World?

Dubai Marina is considered to be the most luxurious Marina in the whole world. Majority of Dubai’s opulent structures and establishments are located in this region and the vibrant nightlife simply makes it a very happening place in the entire UAE.

What makes The Alexandra Dhow Cruise crowned as an Award Winning Floating Restaurant?

The entire crew of The Alexandra Dhow Cruise is focused on offering the best facilities for their passengers onboard and improving every single detail about their cruises regularly. The cruise offers delectable cuisine, engaging entertainment, and spectacular views, which simply are unparalleled. All these aspects make the Alexandra Dhow Cruise an Award Winning Floating Restaurant.

What is so special about the Alexandra Dhow Cruise ?

The alexandra dhow cruise in Dubai Marina strikes the right balance between modern and contemporary, offering the perfect blend for people of all ages to enjoy. Since 2008, it’s been operated as one of the best cruises in the UAE. All thanks to its mouth watering cuisine, fiery live performances and unparalleled views. The team’s effort has led the concept of Alexandra dhow cruise to become so enjoyable by millions of tourists since its inception.

What is offered by Alexandra Dhow Cruise for entertainment?

Live Tanura Dance - Tanura is an Egyptian traditional dance in which a male dancer performs. In the show offered by Alexandra Dhow Cruise, this beautiful dance would be performed by Wael, a gifted lad. It is a Sufi tradition that has evolved into one of Dubai's most popular tourist attractions.

How many Dhow Cruise Dubai options are there?

There Are 6 Dhow Dubai Cruise Options i.e-- Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina- Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek- Dhow Cruise Dinner- Dubai Canal Cruise- Alexendra Dhow Cruise- 5-star Cruise Dubai Marina

Yes ,You can check these cruises out for much more of a rich experience


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